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  • Going Green
    Premier Media Services - January 2010
    Next year will make the 40th anniversary of Earth Day. Since that time there has been plenty of talk and interest in creating a cleaner and more sustainable environment, but until recently not a lot of action. Over the last 40 years we have seen dramatic growth in the population growth and consumption on every continent

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  • Demand continues to pave the roads..
    Equities Magazine/TransworldNews- December 2009
    In the Winter issue of EQUITIES Magazine, Jordan Kimmel writes about the ample investment opportunities to be found in the global infrastructure build-out, whether among the new energy grids or massive communication projects required to keep up with global-trade.

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  • Demand continues to pave the roads..
    Equities Magazine/NASDAQ- December 2009
    We hear this all the time. The world is getting smaller. But the reality is that the world is not getting smaller. Our ability to travel around the world is getting better. As global trade continues to expand and multinational corporations spread around the globe, we will see an ever-expanding need for an improved infrastructure. The projects that will help to develop the ever-expanding infrastructure and the work needed to maintain it require a tremendous amount of financing and manpower.

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  • Jordan Kimmel Dubai Analysis
    Legal Broadcast Newwork - December 2009
    What’s really going on with Dubai. Is Dubai World too big to fail? Should we care?

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  • Pros Say Bull Market is Here — But 10-15% Dip is Coming
    CNBC - Oct 2009
    Stocks struggled for the second consecutive day this quarter as investors remained worried about the recovery in the wake of some disappointing economic reports. Vinny Catalano, global investment strategist at Blue Marble Research and Jordan Kimmel, market strategist at National Securities told
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  • Jordan Kimmel “Magnet Method of Investing”
    CNBC - Oct 2009
    Stan Weinstein, Editor and Publisher, Global Trend Alert writes “Jordan Kimmel’s newest book…”The Magnet® Method of Investing takes on the important issue of diversification, which has been oversold to Main Street. This is yet another example of the need to ‘go against conventional thinking’ if you want to achieve superior results.”
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  • IPOs Are Returning—And So Is Confidence in the Stock Market
    CNBC - September 2009
    After a year of virtually no IPOs as credit evaporated from the market, eight deals worth $3.5 billion are flooding the market this week.
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  • Where to Put Your Money Now: Strategists
    CNBC - September 2009
    Stocks rallied for a third straight trading session on Wednesday, so how should investors prep their portfolios Thursday? Andrew Kanaly, chairman of Kanaly Trust Company, and Jordan Kimmel, market strategist at National Securities, shared their market insights
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  • Markets on the Verge of Recovery: Experts
    CNBC - September 2009
    Jordan Kimmel, market strategist for National Securities, said that while stocks haven’t moved much off of the optimistic data, the new lows have disappeared, and leaders are starting to emerge in the technology and health sectors. [Read Now]

  • Bear Markets Create Opportunities
    EQUITIES Magazine - July 2009
    Despite the recent devastating global bear market, there is no doubt in my mind that we are simply going through another cycle. Mind you, I did not say just another cycle. This cycle has been extraordinary. Right now, the overwhelming belief is that equities are dead. Even during the most powerful rally in more than 70 years—nearly a 40% rally off the March 2009 low— most believe that this is nothing more than a bear market rally.
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  • Going Green in More Ways Than One
    EQUITIES Magazine - Jan 2009
    There is clearly a silver lining to the recent spike in engergy costs: It’s done a wonderfuly job of increasing our awareness of this country’s need to adapt and create a comprehensive energy policy. Consumers and domestic auto manufacturers alike seem to have failed…
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  • Stocks May Retest Bottom: So Let the Buying Begin
    CNBC - February 2009
    Whether it comes from this Friday’s jobs report or some other dose of bad news, the stock market is likely to retest the November bottom—and probably sooner than later, many market pros think.

    “Despite me thinking that we’ve already seen the belly of the beast, I still would not be surprised to see the lows breached and some more fear coming into the market,” says Jordan Kimmel, fund manager at Magnet Investing in Randolph, N.J. [Read Now]

  • Santa’s Late With Rally, But January Outlook Is Bullish
    CNBC - January 2009
    While Santa was a little slow to get to Wall Street, January could bring gladder tidings.

    The looming inauguration of Barack Obama combined with the so-called January Effect—in which stocks traditionally rise in the first week of the new year as year-end tax sellers return to buying—are expected to give stocks a boost. [Read Now]

  • Lesson’s Learned from Maddoff Scandal
    CNBC - December 2008
    For as long as there have been investors, there have been scams like the one allegedly perpetrated by Bernie Madoff.

    The difference in this particular case is size. At $50 billion, the fraud is considered the largest in financial history, and its tentacles continue to spread from individual investors to mammoth charities and corporate leaders.

    But even in such a large swindle, there are lessons for every investor. Experts offer five basic strategies for avoiding the kinds of traps that Madoff’s victims fell into. [Read Now]

  • Don’t Fight the Fed
    CNBC - December 2008
    With stock markets remaining highly volatile some investors are looking to the commodity market to diversify their portfolios. Gold is set to provide solid returns, one analyst told CNBC, but oil could remain range-bound this winter, others said. Get the latest investment advice from the experts appearing on CNBC below. [Read Now]

  • No Big 3 Bailout May be no Problem for Market
    EQUITIES Magazine - January 2009
    There is clearly a silver lining to the recent spike in energy costs: It’s done a wonderful job of increasing our awareness of this country’s need to adapt and create a comprehensive energy policy. Consumers and domestic auto manufacturers alike seem to have failed to learn any lessons from the oil spikes of the 1970s. The prior warnings of “peak oil” fell on deaf ears. … [Read Now]

  • No Big 3 Bailout May be no Problem for Market
    RTTNews- November2008
    In an interview with RTT News, Jordan Kimmel, portfolio manager at Magnet Investment Group says Congress not approving a bailout of the Big Three automakers would not be catastrophic to this market, though he would expect a “knee jerk move of a few hundred points.” “The real question” Kimmel says is, “is it really bad, long term, systemically…and the answer to that is definitively no.” … [Read Now]

  • No Auto Bailout? Investors May Just Say ‘No Problem’
    CNBC - November2008
    “The market believes the importance of General Motors and the Big Three to the country at this stage is significantly smaller than what the auto makers are trying to make out,” says Jordan Kimmel, a fund manager at Magnet Investing in Randolph, N.J. … [Read Now]

  • Stocks Could Get a Short Post-Election Bounce…
    CNBC - October 2008
    “A lot of times the way the market works is fear-driven, and the worst-case scenario is already factored in there,” says Jordan Kimmel, a fund manager at Magnet Investment Group in Randolph, N.J. .. [Read Now]

  • Three Reasons Why Stocks Have Become So Volatile…
    CNBC - October 2008
    “It’s actually not extraordinary,” says Jordan Kimmel, a hedge fund and mutual fund manager at Magnet Investment Group in Randolph, N.J. “This is exactly how bear markets end, so it’s not that uncommon at the very end of a bear market that has been this severe to see this kind of emotional trading.” [Read Now]

  • Bailout Failure Intensifies Fear in Stock Market…
    CNBC - October 2008
    “Everyone I speak to, whether they’re in the business 20 years or 30 years, are saying this is the single worst sentiment they can remember,” says hedge fund manager Jordan Kimmel, of Magnet Investing. “This level of pessimism is really how bottoms get made.”[Read Now]

  • Lehman Deal Might Not Be Resolved This Weekend.
    CNBC - October 2008
    “People aren’t willing to take the risk right now,” says Jordan Kimmel, a hudge fund manager with Magnet Investing. “They’re waiting for the knife not just to stop falling, but to bounce a couple times on the ground before they’re willing to get back in.”[Read Now]

  • Commodities Selloff Fuels Stock Rally — For Now…
    CNBC - August 2008
    The rapid slide in commodities prices is fueling the recent runnup in stocks as Wall Street dumps oil, metals and grains and snaps up beaten-down banks, retailers, airlines and small caps.But if you’re thinking of following the smart money, keep this in mind: Market pros think the switch might be short-lived. [Read Now]

  • A Bull is Worried…
    August 2008
    Let me make it clear right up front- one of the things that I am not worried about is the stock market. We are currently in a Bear market and in a recession. These two facts do not worry me one bit. All Bull markets are followed by Bear markets, and all periods of expansion are followed by recessions. The good news is that we are probably somewhere near two thirds, or more, of the way through this Bear market and better times for the stock market are ahead. There are, however, three things that I am very worried about and each needs to be addressed soon so that the future is indeed a better place… [Read Now]
  • A Pinch of Salt: Don?t be the heavy in the house
    The Sentinel - July 2008
    If you are looking to do better than the average return,” says Jordan Kimmel of Magnet Investment Group, “you must accept that investments with the smallest volatility also have the smallest returns.” [Read Now]
  • Focus on the Superlatives — Just tune out the rest
    Dick Davis Digest - July 2008
    “As always, there is no shortage of bad news,” says Jordan Kimmel (The Magnet Investment Group, LLC, is located in Randolph, NJ and may be reached at (973) 895-4444 or via Jordan@Magnetinvesting.com). “These days the list is longer and scarier than usual. The plunging dollar, skyrocketing energy costs, accelerating food costs, recession and stagflation - I will stop here. Yet, with all the horrible headlines, try renting a crane or a tanker. Try locking in steel or cement prices. The reality is that the world economy is doing just fine, thank you. As an investor, you need to learn to filter the news and the headlines - read and listen, but always be on the look out for what is going right and who is excelling. By nature, there can only be a few superlatives - finding the right industries, and the leaders in those industries, is the key to successful investing. [Read Now]
  • Banks, Techs Lead Rally ; Oil Falls by $5 a Barrel
    CNBC- July 2008

    “If you get too involved in the short term, this market will break your neck,” said Jordan Kimmel, portfolio manager at Magnet Investing Group. With all three major indexes dancing in and out of bear territory in the past week, a bounce is on the horizon but bad news like the Fannie-Freddie worries of yesterday’s session, is keeping it at bay. And, while stocks search for the capitulation point, it seems the mood on Wall Street has already found a bottom. “I’ve been doing this for over 25 years and I can’t remember the gloom and doom this thick, really, ever before,” said Jordan Kimmel, portfolio manager at Magnet Investing Group. “The whole mood of the market and cash on the sidelines resembles what has always been a turning point in the market,” he said. “When you get to these levels of extremes, things change.”
    The problem, though, is finding the catalyst — and Kimmel doesn’t think oil’s going to go much lower. [Read Now]
  • Energy Plays:How to Profit from the Oil Price Boom
    CNBC- June 2008

    “There are so many excellent ways to play the energy market,” says Jordan Kimmel, a hedge fund and mutual fund manager at Magnet Investment Group in Randolph, N.J. “Everyone keeps looking over their shoulder to figure out where the top of the market is going to be and not recognizing how deep this global explosion is. This is not a supply interruption increase, this is really demand-driven.”[Read Now]
  • 7 Ways to Get Rich Faster
    MSN Money - June 2008

    If you want a high return, you’ll have to accept a high degree of risk. Maybe you’re in the lucky position of making a little more money than you need to live on. Or maybe you’ve just received some cash you’re not planning to spend for a long time, allowing you to stomach the ups and downs of, say, a tech investment. In either case, putting a portion of your resources into a high-risk investment may make sense. Just make sure you’re ready for the downside as well as the upside.[Read Now]
  • Eat Well and Prosper!
    Forbes- June 2008
    From asparagus to zucchini, food prices are up across the board. Here’s how to profit from the pain in your pantry.[Read Now]
  • How To Prosper On Retiring Boomers
    CNBC- May 2008
    Growth is back in style. Investors hoping the economy is mending want to own companies likely to have turbocharged revenue and earnings, Kimmel says. The Russell 3000 growth index, which measures the performance of faster-growing companies, is up 10% since March 10, edging out value stocks by a percentage point…[Read Now]
  • Tech Stocks Jump to the Front of the Market
    USA Today- May 2008
    Growth is back in style. Investors hoping the economy is mending want to own companies likely to have turbocharged revenue and earnings, Kimmel says. The Russell 3000 growth index, which measures the performance of faster-growing companies, is up 10% since March 10, edging out value stocks by a percentage point…[Read Now]
  • What’s Going Right With the Economy
    US News and World Report- May 2008
    If you follow the news, then surely you’re aware that we’re in the midst of an epic financial crisis. Perhaps the worst since the Great Depression of the 1930s. Or maybe the Panic of 1819 or even the Tulip Mania of 1637. How bad is it? Well, never mind that the unemployment rate is a relatively healthy 5 percent…[Read Now]
  • Picks and Shovels
    Equities Magazine - May 2008
    There are clear signs the US economy is in a slow down. The media is fixated on how long and deep the upcoming recession will be. And while we have seen a definite slow down in the US consumer, the international picture is drastically different…[Read Now]
  • America’s Energy Problem - And Solution
    The Unstable Times - April 2008
    A few years ago, when the price of gas at the pumps first went through $2.50 per gallon and became a center of attention in the media, I said it would not derail our economy or our consumers…[Read Now]
  • Wall Street Has The Problems - Not Main Street
    Dick Davis Digest - March 2008
    There is no doubt that the U.S. economy is in a recession - the question is how deep and how long the slowdown will last…[Read Now]
  • Back to the Basics
    NJ Woman Magazine - February 2008
    While 2008 has started off with a bang- or should I say an implosion, do not fall victim to the doom and gloom media noise. The world economy is not only growing, but accelerating…[Read Now]
  • Introduction to Phase II
    Dick Davis Digest - October 2007
    One of the keys to maximizing profits in the stock market is the ability to be fully invested in Bull Markets and to be more cautious and less fully invested when inevitable Bear markets do arise…[Read Now]
  • Wall Street Transcript
    The Wall Street Transcript - July 2007
    Magnet Theory is based on the reality of the bell curve of nature that there are only a limited number of superlatives, or “exceptionals”…[Read Now]
  • Stop looking in the rear view mirror, Mr. Market is clearly looking forward…
    Dick Davis Digest - July 2007
    While there are several legitimate concerns that continue to generate media attention, Mr. Market has the ability to look forward and not focus on the rear view mirror - clearly Mr. Market likes what he sees in the future…[Read Now]
  • Dow 15,000?
    24/7 Wall Street - January 2007
    What we?re seeing here is that the bull market has been unleashed and it amazes me still that analysts along with individuals are just unwilling to be even a little optimistic. We?re seeing such a strong advance decline line…[Read Now]
  • Bull Stampede
    24/7 Wall Street - October 2006
    What we do with our quantitative unemotional process is simply rank each public company by several factors: We group them into value, growth and momentum characteristics. What we are primarily interested in on the growth side is increasing…[Read Now]
  • Market Psychology : Do not let uncertainty prevent you from thinking long term…only unemotional financial planning and portfolio management works.
    Dick Davis Digest - June 2006
    Fear sells and the media knows it. Do not let fear or uncertainty prevent you from thinking long term - only unemotional planning and portfolio management wins…[Read Now]
  • Gaming Stocks
    Online Casino Crawler - May 2006
    A lot of what had led the market for the last year or two was energy and basic materials. Cyclical industries. But the gaming industry will continue to expand both domestically and internationally for years to come…[Read Now]
  • Liquidity & Growth
    Stocks & Commodities Magazine - April 2006
    Jordan Kimmel suggests that there are a few things that investors, speculators, and traders can focus on that will keep them on the right side of the market far often than not. Those things? Liquidity and growth…[Read Now]
  • Buy High and Buy Healthy
    24/7 Wall Street - April 2006
    The market right now is one of the strongest markets we’ve seen in a long time. The most remarkable thing about it is that all this positive tape action is taking place…[Read Now]
  • Too Much Cash - Not Enough Confidence
    March 2006
    There is another severe problem that seems to be stepping into the forefront- real estate seems to be topping and rolling over. All of the signposts are showing up. Tricky mortgage plays are beginning to unwind…[Read Now]
  • Markets on a Launch Pad…
    Dick Davis Digest - February 2006
    Corporate profits and balance sheets are the best they have been in U.S. history. There is a global economic expansion unfolding fueled by excess liquidity and demand…[Read Now]
  • Magnets and Market Direction
    Stocks and Commodities Magazine - November 2005
    “You can’t think your companies are invulnerable,” warns Kimmel in talking about how even the Magnet Investing approach needs to be cognizant of the greater tides of the market. “If and when [a] sector rolls over, so will most of the companies in that group.”…[Read Now]
  • Profits, Now Good, Prompt Nail-Biting
    Wall Street Journal - October 2005
    So what is Wall Street Saying? The good times cannot last. Maybe the oft-predicted year-end rally will not happen till the first quarter. Maybe it will not happen for a while. Few people are using the R word…[Read Now]
  • Jordan Kimmel of Magnet Investing
    Stocks & Commodities Magazine - September 2005
    Who put the technicals in my fundamental analysis? Who put the fundamentals in my technical analysis? Kimmel’s Magnet Investing is another path to the perfect blend…[Read Now]
  • Stock Selection or Indexing?
    Financial Planning Magazine - July 2005
    While the frustration seems to be growing within the investment community, the stock market is doing better then the media portrays. While the major indexes are under water year to date…[Read Now]
  • Nobody Said The Market is Supposed to be Easy, but it is Worth The Challenge!
    Dick Davis Digest - June 2005
    This focus on short term trading, while good for the brokerage firms and the software companies that promise quick and easy profits, continue to foster the same day trading mentality that get investors in trouble…[Read Now]
  • Finding the Next New 425 Names in the S&P
    Value Rich - April 2005
    Remarkably there are over 425 new names in the S&P 500 that were not there 25-years ago. While so much is made of long-term investing, even looking at the companies that have remained in the S&P, only a handful have outperformed the index…[Read Now]
  • Buy the Steak, not the Sizzle…
    Dick Davis Digest - March 2005
    Following the popping of the Internet bubble, many thought the public would not return to the stock market for a while. Not to worry - the stories are always out there - ?We?re about to find oil!,? ?We almost have the cure to cancer!,? ?FDA approval on the way!? While a few of these situations pan out, most do not…[Read Now]
  • The Magnet Stock Selection Process
    The Wall Street Transcript - March 2005
    The MAGNET Stock Selection Process brings together the major and best components of the value, growth and momentum approaches and then combines with the best of the fundamental and technical approaches…[Read Now]
  • Diamonds in the Rough
    Buyside Magazine - February 2003
    Some of the best investments available in today’s lackluster markets exist among companies whose names you have likely never heard of…[Read Now]
  • Struggle Has Its Rewards
    123jump.com - January 2003
    There’s a limited amount of capital in the world, yet unlimited places for it to go. Capital cannot be driven, only attracted. It will only go to those places that treat it well…[Read Now]

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